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Inspiration, Talent, Charisma rarely finds a home together and when they do,

They form an artist of caliber that can be neither measured nor expressed.

A talented performer, a brilliant choreographer and an inspiring teacher Mrs. Prathyusha Apparasu began dancing from a very early age, over a period of time she received training from famous teachers; Shri Chinta Adi narayana sarma Garu in Guntur and renowned Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam Garu founder of Kuchipudi Art Acadmey Chennai and mastered in this dance form. She has received numerous honors, awards and titles from various institutions in India . With Great dedication and love towards the art form, she has evolved over the years an excellent command over the technique. Dignified empathy animates her grand style and makes her performances especially meaningful. She has regaled audience in almost all major cities all over India and in Colorado USA through solo concerts and dance dramas.

Laya Dance Academy which was founded by Mrs. Prathyusha Apparasu is dedicated to promoting Kuchipudi, Classical dance style. Laya Dance mission is to raise the profile of Indian Classical dance by presenting professional and outstanding quality dance productions and training the next generation of Indian Classical dancers to the highest standards. Laya Dance students perform in various associations in Colorado and very much appreciated and applauded. Laya Dance also organizes their own productions every year for non profit causes.

Prathyusha Apparasu